Our Services

Systaero can help you with different aspects of avionics development, testing, and certification activities


System Design

System Development and Design

We have a deep understanding of system development and design in the aerospace industry. We are experts in the following guidance as an example of system design: ARP4754 - Guidelines for Development of Civil Aircraft and Systems ARP4761 - Guidelines and Methods for Conducting the Safety Assessment Process on Civil Airborne Systems and Equipment


Software Development

High Integrity Software

We have software development experience for safety critical systems. We have worked with Real Time Operating Systems (RTOS) like VXWorks and Hypervisor as well as other Linux base systems like LynxOS.

Additionally we have knowledge of DO-178C development guidance and the proper way to create high integrity software.



Experience with System, SW, and HW Testing

Make your products safe with SW testing to DO-178, HW Testing to DO-160, and robust System level testing.



Process Definition

The process is a very important part of controlling a minimizing cost. Make sure you have the best process for your needs regardless of if you using a traditional waterfall method or AGILE process.